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Month: May 2019

Please do disturb: Knocking on hotels’ future

You don’t need to fast forward to the future to see robots taking over. The truth is, they are already here – in the present – in tuxedos and bright uniforms, waiting in hotel lounges, receptions and hallways, ready to serve some ‘robot hospitality’. M Social Singapore has its ‘bots’ Aura and Ausca; Hotel Jen in Singapore also has Jeno and Jena, and Vdara Hotel & Spa in Las Vegas has Fetch and Jett – the partners-in-crime ‘hired’ to welcome guests, clean, cook, and provide room service. It’s no longer a prediction nor a forecast but a reality. Welcome to Hotel 2.0.

Tomorrow’s engineers need to look up… literally

In 1968, American ecologist Garrett Hardin coined the famous term: ‘Tragedy of the Commons’. It was the idea that mankind is essentially unable to meet the challenge of upholding a world in healthy balance when it depends on some form of altruistic behaviour that would favour the common good. Unfortunately, Hardin has been proved right – over 50 years later with global warming breathing hot on the backs of our hard-pressed humanity in concert with dwindling resources, the Marxist principle of “to each according to his own needs” has proved dangerously subjective.

Just imagine