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Just Imagine survey results: You said… now what?

Listen to man speakingNot everyone is a fan of feedbacks, but our Just Imagine blog team is. In fact, as future-gazers, we welcome feedback even more! After all, the only way to move forward is to innovate, explore, and learn from our mistakes.

Knowing where you stand and how to reach out to you are two of the most important things for us, and nothing would make us happier than for you to have a more amazing Just Imagine experience.

Over the holidays, we asked for our readers’ feedback on the blog’s journey so far. We have been reading your responses, and thinking about how we can bring your feedback and ideas to life. So, where from here?

You said: Over 85% of readers make a point of reading Just Imagine blogposts when they receive our newsletter.
Now what? Given this, we’ll keep sending you a newsletter each time we go live with another thought-provoking post. If you’re not receiving our newsletter or not yet subscribed to our blog, click here now!

You said: 14% of our readers regularly watch TedX videos or listen to podcasts, while 45% do so only when times allows.
Now what? We may not be there yet, but don’t worry we’re onto it. We’re investigating extending Just Imagine to house different kinds of content. Although we can’t reveal anything at this time, we encourage you to wait and see (and keep reading).

Now, we know how busy you are every week (the results say so!), and we also know how overwhelming it can be to have so much to read but so little time. Because of this, and because many of you suggested it, Just Imagine will go live with a new blogpost every second week as of now. This will give you more time to digest and enjoy our content, and of course, to ponder the future.

But wait, there’s more…

You said: The majority of readers love our blogposts for the alternative viewpoints (53%) they provide and the different angles on interesting topics (40%) they share.
Now what? We won’t change a thing, except to make them even better! We’ll keep striving to develop content that presents alternative, interesting viewpoints in our signature quirky style. *wink*

You said: 60% find the length of our blogposts ‘just right’, while 35% said they could be shorter.
Now what? Nobody likes to read an article that feels more like a novel or to be left hanging because of a short one. And, since you said it, we’ll keep our blogposts to their current length ‒ perhaps even a little shorter where it makes sense.

You said: 67% of readers think the ratio of technical (engineering) to other topics (such as leadership, management, diversity etc.) is just right.
Now what? Sit tight, we’ll keep the mix of technical (engineering) to other topics at this optimal ratio.

You said: Our readers believe that some of the challenges we’ll have to face will have everything to do with building a sustainable future; challenging governance and leadership; breaking cultural barriers and accepting new norms; the evolution of the workforce and workplace, and transitioning to a digital future.
Now what? We know that’s a lot of topics and it will be easier said than done, but we’ll be ensuring our blogposts in 2018 address them and how they will impact our lives and the lives of the next generation.

Thank you to our readers and subscribers for taking the time to answer our survey. Your feedback will continue to be instrumental in the intriguing evolution of Just Imagine.

Now, let’s get back to imagining. The future awaits!

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  1. I’d like to add that I really like the graphics included with the articles and I find that it draws me in to the post, just as much as the title! They are modern, quirky and fun, and I’m sure many people reading these articles have a strong creative side, which also appreciates graphic design!

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