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Let’s take 5 this holiday season: Just Imagine’s top 2018 blogposts

Just Imagine: Top 5 2018 blogpostsIt seems as if we blinked, and December is upon us! The buzz of festivities is in the air, office chairs are feeling itchy, and that beach holiday is calling our name. But hold up! Just before you hit the road, take a moment to look back and gaze through the rear-view mirror of Just Imagine in 2018 with us.

It’s been an amazing year, and we wouldn’t want to move on without doing what we do best – giving it a good think!

As promised, thanks to your super helpful feedback in January, we’ve been dishing up a wide array of blogposts on all kinds of juicy future-related topics. And, because (let’s face it) your mind and inbox are both pretty full these days, we let your feedback lead us and started publishing every second week.

Month by month, we’ve been kickstarting conversations on subjects ranging from selfishness to anthropogenic climate change to robots taking over the world. Each article seems to whet the appetite for more conversation and disarm our fear of complexity, reminding us that the future demands our forward gaze and both hands on the wheel!

And to celebrate all these thought-provoking arguments that we have published, Just Imagine brought you our very first ebook, #100GoodIdeas – showcasing 100 blogs with 100 ideas, powerful enough to change the future. Click here to download.

Not so fast, 2018! Let’s take 5…

Holiday time is not merely a time out for many, but a time in – a time to invest in and enrich your thinking or reflect on key learnings from the year. So, here’s a list of our top 5 blogs from 2018 to add to your reading list these holidays:

Just Imagine's top 5 2018 blogposts

  1. To get anywhere in 2018, you’ll need to ‘Get over yourself’

  2. Today’s soft skills are the hard skills

  3. Why being ‘selfish’ is the most selfless investment…

  4. Will runways become ruins?

  5. When I grow up, I want to be a sense maker

As everyone takes some time off, Just Imagine will also be ‘recharging’ and reflecting to prepare for the year (and years) ahead! As always, a big thank you to our readers and subscribers for continuing to ‘just imagine’ the future with us. Your support and partnership make the journey possible.

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Look out for a new podcast we are launching in January 2019. Engineering Reimagined will feature inspiring stories from a range of guests exploring how engineering can lead the world to a better future – click here to subscribe and be one of the first to get the new eps in your earbuds!

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