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It’s time to change your mind on things – literally

They called it “literally impossible” – an unachievable ambition for any human to outrun the 4-minute mile. If there was any hope in even attempting such a feat, conditions would have to be absolutely perfect: the track hard and dry, the temperature exactly 20 degrees Celsius; a windless day with tens of thousands of spectators to cheer you over the line. But it’s impossible, don’t forget, so why would you even try?

Is Design Thinking a fairytale?

The character of our thinking is the new competitive currency. Being relevant in 2020 and beyond will require a different set of skills than the ones that drove business success in the past.

Disruption is here: DISRUPTING the experience!

Disruption is set to change life as we know it, including how we commute, communicate, our consumer behaviour and even our consumption of food. Fast forward to the future, and reality as we know it is set to be very different.

Just imagine