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Leave room for humans!

Chemotherapy – the invaluable treatment that has saved countless lives of cancer patients through blocking different functions in cell growth and replication – stemmed from the discovery, during World War II, that exposure to mustard gas in conflict significantly reduced soldiers’ white blood cell count, sometimes fatally. The compound nitrogen mustard was studied further by researchers and found to halt the growth of rapidly dividing cells such as cancer cells. This is just one example of humankind adapting a negative discovery into a positive one.

Is smart tech making us dumb?

Is it true that smarter tech is making us all dumber – and if it is – should we be worried? Is there a need for businesses to do something about it?

Is Design Thinking a fairytale?

The character of our thinking is the new competitive currency. Being relevant in 2020 and beyond will require a different set of skills than the ones that drove business success in the past.



Just imagine