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‘Tis the season to get feedback, fa la la la la!

Santa Claus reading a feedback formDisclaimer: This is not your usual holiday card. Don’t worry, we won’t get too techie… for now. *wink*

Just Imagine welcomed 2017 questioning the relevance of one of the first things that come to mind when a year ends and another one begins ‒ the New Year’s resolution. We should always try something new, right? Or maybe not (always)?

“Focusing on what you aren’t good at is a waste of time at best. If you work on your strengths you might be brilliant; but if you work on your weaknesses, you may only ever be average. And who wants to be average at anything?” wrote Aurecon’s global CEO Giam Swiegers.

And that’s what we’ve done for the past year! We’ve been working hard at enriching our content, with more than 116 000 page views from readers who’ve dared to imagine the world and beyond with us.

Now what?

We could always do the same things we’ve always done, carrying on with the ‘the usual,’ but then as Giam suggests, who wants to be average at anything? We certainly don’t!

So, as we count down the days before 2018 begins (precisely 17 days), we’re seeking our readers’ feedback about the past 12 months. What was it that you liked, unliked, and what are your comments and suggestions around future blog posts.

Click here to take our survey. We PROMISE it won’t take long (far faster than wolfing down your splendid cheese sandwich at your desk) and you’ll be helping us shape better blogs.

Thank you to our readers and subscribers for another wonderful year of ‘Just imagining…’ We look forward to imagining the future even further with you.

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  1. Whilst I really enjoy the Just Imagines, as the year wore on, I found weekly just too much to keep up with. Perhaps drop to fortnightly?

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